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Get a payment plan

Please think carefully about your options.

If you’d like help, contact your local Community Legal Centre or financial counsellor.

If you are having trouble paying your fine on time, you can ask to pay in instalments. This is called a ‘payment plan.’ You may be given a payment plan, or your application may be rejected.

When should you do this?
  • you are having trouble paying on time
  • and you will be able to pay in smaller instalments


Important things to know:

Stick to your plan

If the agency agrees to a payment plan, you need to stick to it. If you don't pay on time, there may be penalties, such as extra costs.

How to apply

Not everyone offers a payment plan.

It is best to contact the agency that sent you the fine to find out how to start a payment plan first. You may need to fill out a form. The contact details will be on the fine.

If you have fines from different agencies, you may need more than one payment plan. It is best to get free help from a financial counsellor or free legal advice from your local Community Legal Centre.

How it works

Contact the agency

  • contact the agency that gave you the fine to find out if you can get a payment plan. The contact details are on the fine.
  • if it is possible to get a payment plan, you might need to fill out a form. The agency will let you know what you need.

Submit your application

  • carefully complete the application form and send it to the agency that issued the fine.

Your application will be reviewed

The agency may decide to:

  • grant you payment plan. They will notify you by mail with information about your instalments and when they are due.
  • or reject your application.

Further action

If your application is rejected, you may decide to:

Please don’t ignore your fine.

If you do not take action by the due date you may have to pay more or go to court.