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What to do with private parking fines

Private parking penalties are not fines. You can write a letter to the company that gave you the fine and avoid paying it.

When should you do this?
  • You have a parking penalty from a private car park or company


Do not do this if:

  • Your parking fine is from an authorised body, such as a city council or some universities and hospitals.
Important things to know:

Do not pay

You do not have to pay additional parking penalties issued by private parking companies

Take action quickly

To avoid further legal action or a debt collector, write to the company that issued the penalty as soon as possible

What to do

We have created a helpful template you can use to write a letter to the company that gave you the penalty.

Make sure you carefully edit it with your own circumstances and the details of the private parking company before submitting.

How it works

Write a letter to the company who issued the 'fine'

Fill out our letter template and send it to the company that issued the penalty:

  • Based on the letter, they should withdraw the penalty. You do not have to pay.

Further action

If the company refuses to withdraw the penalty:

Get free legal help

Apply on your own

Private car-park letter
Microsoft Word template - 14.48 KB

Please don’t ignore your fine.

If you do not take action by the due date you may have to pay more or go to court.