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Get enforcement of your fines reviewed

You can apply to have enforcement of your fine cancelled. This is called ‘enforcement review’.

If you’ve received a Notice of Final Demand, an Enforcement Warrant or a Sheriff Notice, you can apply to have enforcement cancelled (this is called ‘enforcement review’).

We recommend you get free legal advice from your local Community Legal Centre first.

When should you do this?
  • if you have special circumstances you can probably get your fine cancelled (contact your local Community Legal Centre to get free legal help with this)
  • you didn’t know you had the fine (and you’ve kept your address up to date at VicRoads)
  • the fine is for a driving offence, and you weren’t the driver of the vehicle
  • you have exceptional circumstances (these depend on your individual situation so you may need to get free legal advice)
  • you don’t think you should have got the fine

You cannot apply if:

  • The Sheriff has served a 7-day notice on you and the 7-day notice period has expired
  • the Sheriff has seized property from you
  • you’ve been arrested because of the fine
  • the warrant was issued by a judge or magistrate
  • the fine was issued for an excessive speed, drink-driving, or drug-driving offence
Important things to know:

You need proof

You need to prove the fine was issued incorrectly, or that there is a good reason why you shouldn't have to the pay the fine.

Get advice

You can get legal advice before you apply for enforcement review.

Be careful

You can only apply for enforcement review once for exceptional circumstances or twice for special circumstances so make sure your application is complete.

How to apply for enforcement review

  1. Complete the Fines Victoria application online.
    • Note – if you have a driving fine and you were not the driver, you must explain why you didn’t name the driver when you received the fine.
  2. You must attach information that supports your application, for example a doctor’s letter or a copy of an intervention order.
    • If you don’t provide supporting information your application is likely to be rejected (contact your local Community Legal Centre if you’re not sure what you need)
    • You can use the template at the bottom of this page to ask a medical professional for a support letter.
  3. Submit your application, following the instructions on the form. It is not unusual for Fines Victoria to take several months to make a decision.

How it works

Fines Victoria reviews your application

Fines Victoria may:

  • cancel enforcement of the fine
  • or refuse your application and notify you in writing

The issuing agency may:

  • withdraw the Infringement Notice – this means you don’t have to pay
  • or refer you to the Magistrates Court

If you disagree with the decision of Fines Victoria

  • you can make a complaint to the Victorian Ombudsman

Wait for your court date

If Fines Victoria cancels enforcement of the fine but the issuing agency does not withdraw the Infringement, your case will be referred to the Magistrates’ Court for hearing.

  • you’ll receive a letter telling you when your case will go to Court
  • it can take many months before your case goes to Court

Go to court

  • put the Court date in your diary
  • if you miss your Court date the Magistrate will usually give you another fine with extra costs
  • for more information on how this works, see Challenge your fine in court
Apply with free legal assistance (recommended)

Get a report from your doctor or psychologist

Request for Special Circumstances Report
Microsoft Word template - 20.52 KB

Please don’t ignore your fine.

If you do not take action by the due date you may have to pay more or go to court.