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Pay in full

Please think carefully about your options.

If you’d like help, contact your local Community Legal Centre.

If you think can afford to pay, you have the option to pay your fine in full.

When should you do this?
  • you broke the law as listed on your notice
  • and you can afford to pay the fine by the due date

Not knowing that you broke the law is usually not an excuse, unless you have special circumstances.

If you think there is a good reason that you shouldn’t have got the fine, the best thing to do is get your fine reviewed or get free legal help from a Community Legal Centre.

Important things to know:

Be quick

You should pay your fine by the due date on your notice. If you miss the due date, your fine may be increased, or you may have to go to court.

You don't have to do anything else

Once you've paid your fine, you won't have to worry about it anymore.

How to pay

Pay your fine by going to the Fines Victoria website.

How it works

Pay your fine

Pay online via credit card, via BPAY, via phone or in person.

That's it

If you pay in full, you don’t have to do anything else or worry about your fine.

Pay your fine online

Please don’t ignore your fine.

If you do not take action by the due date you may have to pay more or go to court.